white: Hitler wanted blonde hair, blue eyed, white skin. this is shown through the clour symbol of white which resembles purity and innocence, goodness, perfection, and cleanliness which is what Hitler wanted as he only wanted the Germans as he believed they are the superior race.

Black:  Associated with death, and especially with the black swastika ( German flag) black also represents destruction and mourning.  black is also shown when Rudy didn’t know or understand the problem of wanting to be black and be like the famous Jesse Owens.

Red: The burning of the books and the history of the jews.  shows red, hatred and killing. Burning of the books at the beginning of the war to get rid of the written history and by the end of the war, they were burning people to get rid of the physical history.  To have a clean slate and be a purer race. The Jewish books represented the freedom of speech and the knowledge and truth of history,  the burning of the books also represented the destruction of Jewish people all their ideas, art, writing and any information that didn’t support the Nazi regime.


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