2.9 reading response 6: if I stay

“Life might take you down different roads. But each of you gets to decide which one to take.”

If i stay is a film first a novel written by Gayle Forman about grief and survival through a younge womans experance. The main character, Mia  (Chloe Grace Moretz), lives in Portland with her family of musicians. Former rock-star, guitar and drums pounding parents, who now live as a  stay-at-home-mom and schoolteacher. drums the tabletop with spoons even Mia’s little brother is a born rock star. But Mia doesn’t fit the family rockstar mold, She’s embraced the cello, listens to Beethoven instead of Alice in Chains, and is now awaiting the school’s response after auditioning for school at Julliard in New York, Aside from her college and career choices,  she has a loving boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley), because he is touring as a lead guitarist/vocalist for his rising rock band Mia struggles in spending time with him “Our lives are lived not just for ourselves but also for others,” her dad says. “We sacrifice for those we love.” Mia’s little brother remarks, “Life isn’t fair.” And her mom adds, “Life is this big, gigantic, stinky mess, and that’s the beauty of it, too. No matter what you choose, you lose something.” I believe because of a common theme lived and taught by her parents: self-sacrifice, Mia and her family get along well.

my thoughts are the director wanted the film to portray how normal your life can be and how it could be forever changed by just one action In this case this action was one truck. One accident and with this accident Mias life impacted forever. This film follows Mia and her experience through a car crash and her life before it. Mia was able to have an outer body experience that enables herself to observe what’s happening all around her, she reflects on herself while she’s in a coma. Mia had to make a choice and decide it is worth it to stay alive? Die and Leave her boyfriend, her grandparents and friends? Or stay and live without her parents and brother? My perspective on the ideas of the film is the main theme of the film is choice. You always have a choice. And it is up to you to decide which choice is the better one, Another theme that intertwines is a sacrifice, Mia had to choose to live on, or give up. Though, with every choice she had, there was a sacrifice that had to be made. 

The element of choice between life or death comes up. “Do you think she decides?”

“Decides what?” Gramps looked uncomfortable. He shuffled his feet. “You know? Decides,” he whispered. An example of choice is shown when Mia realizes she is the one who has to decide whether she gets to stay or go “How am I supposed to decide this? How can I possibly stay without Mom and Dad? How can I leave without Teddy? Or Adam?”  “And that’s how I know. Teddy. He’s gone, too.” I believe the only reason Mia was holding on to life was that she wanted to be there for her brother and her boyfriend Adam after her parents were killed in the crash, but after her brothers passing I think she questioned if Adam was enough for her to keep on fighting?

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”  This is wisdom from Mias Dad, and it can be applied to every choice Mia makes (or doesn’t make) in the film. Life vs. death. Adam vs. music.  Which choices does she make, and which choices make her? “Why can’t someone else decide this for me? Why can’t I get a death proxy?” from my perspective in the film Choosing between life and death is a hard one for Mia, but i questioned would she really want someone else to decide it for her? Her parents did not get a choice.“Dad was wrong. It’s true you might not get to control your funeral, but sometimes you do get to choose your death.”  “Did Mom and Dad decide?” I believe the important word here is “sometimes.” Mia is a rare case. If your brains are splattered across the pavement, like her dad’s were, there is no choice. But with mia she does have the chance to choose life instead of death.

Another example  “… I need to hold his hand… I aim every remaining ounce of energy into my right hand… I summon all the love I have ever felt… and then I squeeze.” this shows me that Mia fought her way out of her coma for Adam and shows she truly did love him.

My thoughts on if I stay is this is a film where I could see how emotionally manipulative it was being to the audience and then occasional I would let it manipulate me anyway where I would suddenly get a little squeamish, it made me think about her life and I believe it makes the audience want to choose for her, you as the audience get to see her past and weigh up the elements of the decision. It also unconsciously made me think about the choices that you make in life and imagine as tho you had been in an accident and wonder what choices you would make for yourself. 

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  1. Portia, well done for including a good amount of specific evidence in this response. However, it would be beneficial for you to personalise these ideas clearly. For example, the first time you clearly include “my thoughts” is in the final paragraph. Consider using personal reflections throughout this response.
    * Also, there are a few technical errors here. Before the assignment is due, please edit these details so that they are clear and accurate.

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